What is protecting your Web applications and the valuable data in it? Are you tired of “emergency patching” every time another vulnerability is announced? Do you have a way to keep traffic from “known bad” sources out of your network?

HP TippingPoint is the industry’s leading Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) unrivaled in security, performance, high availability and ease of use. TippingPoint continues to set the standard for network security with its extensible IPS Platform, protecting network devices, operating systems, applications and associated data from today’s and tomorrow’s attacks.

Top 5 Reasons why you need to UPGRADE your old IPS / IDS to HP TippingPoint IPS today,
1. Need something to protect against today’s cyber attacks and new types of attacks in
the future
HP TippingPoint IPS Platform’s all new architecture adds significant capacity for deep packet traffic inspection for future growth and its modular software design enables the addition of valuable network protection services to its proven intrusion prevention solution.
2. Don’t have time and IT resources to test and roll out emergency operating system and application patches HP TippingPoint Digital Vaccine service keeps the IPS up to date against emerging threats through biweekly distribution of new filters. Virtual patches block attacks across an entire security exposure, not just specific exploits, without blocking valid traffic.
3. Traditional defenses like firewalls (which are too leaky) and IDSs (which only alert) do not completely protect my network from damage and downtime As a complementary service to the Digital Vaccine, the Web App Digital Vaccine allows you to protect your custom Web applications from the latest threats with filters written to protect against attacks on unique application vulnerabilities.

The integrated reputation function allows organizations to stop Internet devices that are known to have malicious code from accessing their internal networks. It can also prohibit access from internal assets to known malware depots, based on DNS or IP address intelligence.
4. Need something to protect the data center and network core, as well as the perimeter The IPS Platform utilizes multiple methods for detecting and blocking attacks, including vulnerability filters, signatures, protocol anomaly filters, traffic anomaly filters, and others.
5. Need a solution that scales network-wide and is easy to deploy, manage and use Deployment of an IPS platform and its configuration should take hours, not days or weeks. HP TippingPoint IPS deliver best-of-breed management capabilities that are simple to use yet powerful.

A combination of centralized and local management is required for 100% accessibility. Management features include “big picture” analysis with trending reports, network discovery, configurationand monitoring.

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