The digital transformation is leading to new technologies and services that promise more efficiency, speed, convenience, cost-savings and flexibility. Often, this leads to new spontaneous behavior with regard to IT consumption, led by emerging trends (social media, Internet of things, cloud) and new mobile devices (BYOD, third-party apps).

All of these create new and different challenges for security.

It is easy for companies to start losing control, as they try to manage and cope with the digital evolution. New devices and sensors will be deployed, new cloud services will be launched and more companies will continue to face challenges in adopting and managing the risks of big data. Existing endpoint solutions may no longer be enough. Cyber security today is also complicated by not only new attack methodologies but also by new motivations by hackers to disrupt or disable businesses.

As security threats and trends continue to evolve, what can you do to keep in step with digital transformation changes?
What do we need to do to secure the IoT / Digital World?
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Date: 24 June, Friday
Time: 8.30am to 3.30pm
Venue: Grand Hyatt Singapore

08.30am   Registration with Breakfast | Networking & Viewing of Technology Showcases
09.00am   Opening Address: Evolution & Transformation of Distribution
09.10am   Bridge the Gaps and Fortify your Security Posture
You cannot protect what you don't know. Do you know what devices are running inside your network? The number of unmanaged devices are growing in our networks, Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved from simple network printers to Smart TVs, Projectors, IP Cameras. Like it or not, this trend will continue. We will show how ForeScout gives you the complete visibility, regain control and integration with various different technologies to secure your network. See. Control. Orchestrate.

Speaker: Chua Chong Chee, Systems Engineer - APJ, Forescout
09.40am   The Cyber Kill Chain and Addressing Modern Security
The threat landscape is evolving so fast with new threats, new techniques, new actors and new targets that it is impossible to predict with certainty what the next waves of malware will look like. It is time to break the cyber kill chain.
• We have seen an increase in ransomware attacks. How can organisations defend against that?
• Timing is everything. The longer an attack goes undetected, the more time it takes to contain it,
   and the more it will cost
• Learn how to minimize your exposure and build a successful defense strategy

Speaker: Bruce Chai, Head of Threat Prevention, Asia, Check Point Software Technologies
10.10am   Digital transformation is essential for organisations to operate and react to customer’s needs better and faster. However, is your visibility moving just as fast?
In the new era of digital enterprise, more and more data are being generated by a wider variety of sources such as web apps, mobile apps, social media and sensors. Are you ready to take them on knowing insider misuse cases can take months or years to discover?

Speaker: Lim Jie-Hong, Senior Security Architect, Splunk Inc.
10.40am   Tea Break | Networking & Viewing of Technology Showcases
11.10am   Simplify and Automate Cybersecurity Framework Adoption with Comprehensive Security Solutions
There is no such thing as perfect or impenetrable security.  Security is a game of risk management, and using limited resources as effectively as possible to minimise your exposure to risk and the potential impact of a compromise.  The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) was developed to help organizations make more effective decisions, and optimise investments in security controls to effectively manage risk.

In this session, we will share the various CSF capabilities and take advantage of CSF with Tenable:

Conformance Assessment
Continuous Monitoring
Assurance and Reports
Ongoing Security Improvements

Speaker: Dick Bussiere, Techical Director, Asia Pacific, Tenable Network Security
11.40pm   An Intelligent Way to Combat Ransomware
Organizations of all sizes are facing emerging threats targeting to steal their intellectual property, customer records, employee data or any other method that cyber criminals can profit from like Ransomware. These advanced threats are not being stopped by traditional security mechanisms and organizations are left without adequate security tools to protect, detect or correct against these emerging threats. In this session we will take a closer look on how to effectively combat Ransomware, applying Intel Security Threat Defense Life Cycle approach.

Muthukumar Natarajan, System Sales Engineer - Network Security Solutions, Intel Security 
12.10pm   Lunch | Networking & Viewing of Technology Showcases
01.15pm   Next-Generation Security Platform
Matching the dynamic nature of modern networks, our platform is highly extensible across the perimeter, network, endpoint, and even cloud. Built around our next-generation firewall, the platform is natively integrated with every other element, enabling it to automatically detect and prevent advanced attacks and unknown threats. The high level of visibility and control provided by the centralized management of all these elements allows users to safely enable applications and innovative technologies while preventing threats across the attack lifecycle.

Speaker: Stephen Tan, Palo Alto Networks, Regional Sales Manager
01.45pm   Fight the next Ransomware Attack and the next Edward Snowden with Data Governance and User Behavior Analytics
Endpoint security solutions have not been successful in stopping the growing ransomware threat in the world. And while ransomware announces their presence, rogue employees stealing data do not. If endpoint security tools won’t help prevent ransomware or rogue employees with legal access rights, what will? Answer: Data Governance using User Behavior Analytics is the essential measure against ransomware prevention and employees doing an Edward Snowden on your organization’s sensitive data like your emails, contracts, salary statements, confidential presentation files, and more.

Speaker: Clarence Phua, Senior Director, ASEAN and South Korea, Varonis
02.15pm   Secure The Next: The Future State of Security
Speaker: CJ Chen, Head of Systems Engineering, F5 Networks Singapore
02.45pm   Gaining Visibility & Control - Securing your organization from Internal and External Attacks
Speaker: Michael Langner, Head of Technical Services, BeyondTrust
03.15pm   Grand Lucky Draws for APPLE iPhone SE and W Hotel Staycation Voucher!
03.30pm   Event End
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